Friday, September 21, 2007

50 Years Cont'd

Last night Fr. Roger Kennedy appeared on Katie Couric Live on CBNBN and discussed his indult parish the St. Sabina in Kanesville, TN. Fr. Kennedy covered many of the issues concerning the indult XXth Century Mass. Included were the differences between indult parishes and the SPPVI and how the Ecclesia Populi Comission saved this form of the Roman Rite from dying out. But Fr. Kennedy also voiced his displeasure with various edicts that have come from Pope Pius XIII concerning this expression of the Rite and how the indult has been handled. Particularly he was concerned with the belief that many have that in the XXth Century Mass the priest turns his back to God, the need for a priest to have a B.A. in the vernacular language he reads Mass in and the lack of a widespread application of the indult. St. Sabina is the only indult parish in the state of Tennessee. When asked about the apparant sparcity of indult parishes and the fact that there are none in the diocese of Nashville Bishop Donelson responded that there had been no requests for that particular form of the Rite. "Many young people have no attachment to it, most have never even assisted at one. Besides, it is confusing to the faithful to have their actual participation in the prayer of the Mass interrupted by such things as giving the Sign of Peace to everyone in the building. And who under the age of 90 would care to hear those folk music hymns?", said Bishop Donelson.

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