Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catholocism and Science Fiction

Going over to The Sci Fi Catholic blog has brought up a number of questions of a religious nature I've thought about involving sci-fi.

Why is it that in Star Trek religion is treated with respect. As long as it belongs to an alien species. Humans seem to be almost alone in their atheism in the Trek universe.

Wouldn't the Church we a criminal organization in the Trek universe? I can't see the Church abiding by Starfleet's Prime Directive. They would help where help is needed, regardless of the fact that a civilization hadn't discovered FTL.

Let's assume we have started colonizing other planets and the Vatican decides to move operations or just expand to one. Should it be called Vatican II or should we just skip that.

And wouldn't a Vatican fleet of starships be cool. I say "Archangel Michael" for the flagship.

And on a somewhat serious note... we know about human salvation history. But what about those out there? Does it matter if they're humanoid or not? And what if they have their own revelations? Maybe they're looking for a little corner of the universe where the Creator did the almost unthinkable.....

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